Tips To Convert Your Old Sedan Into An Armored Car 

If you know the concept of armored cars, you must know its benefits compared to your regular sedan. While your hold sedan might be perfectly good in condition, it might not have all the perks of an armored vehicle, including the advanced protection and functioning of the vehicle. Exploring your option for an armored car also involves converting your old sedan into one which will fall much cheaper to you than buying a brand new one. Several car dealers in the market provide married spare parts for old regular and armored cars so you can replace certain functions of your standard sedan to make it more robust and usable. 

Even if you are a civilian, you must protect yourself from accidents and thefts every year. There are so many cases where people get robbed in their cars; however, they cannot defend themselves from the weapons and threats of criminals. To ensure you have maximum protection, contact Troy Armoring armored sedans today. 

Tips for converting your old sedan into an armored car 

  • Begin with replacing the doors, windows, and interiors

When you plan to convert your old sedan into an armored car, you need to start checking out options to replace the windows and doors of your vehicle. The exteriors of your cars are the easiest to remove and replace, so it is easy to start by removing all our doors and windows and installing the body parts of an armored car. After you’re done with the doors, windows, and windshield, you can focus on your interior, like the trim, seats, carpets, wiring, etc.

When you place your doors and windows, you will have a few options for selecting the best one. For example, if you want extreme protection, you can use ballistic steel for your doors to protect your sedan from explosives or deadly weapons. 

  • Tires 

If you are preparing your car for all kinds of attacks, you must consider that in a gun attack, the bullets travel a tight spread and can easily penetrate the most rigid material. If you protect your windows, windshield, and doors from bullets and need to remember to get robust tires for your care, the more y and effort you put into the rest is not worth it. The people attacking you will aim for the tires to stop your vehicle from moving at high speed. Moreover, if you are moving fast and the bullet hits the tires, you might lose control of your car and claim a severe accident.