What Is The Safest Way To Ship Your Vehicle From Florida To Texas?

Texas is the country’s second-most populated state with 29.1 million residents. Often known as the “Lone Star State”, it is famous for its barbecue, live music, and warm sunny weather. The state of Florida, on the contrary, is known for its beaches, amusement and water parks, and beach resorts. It comes just next to Texas in terms of population with 21 million people.

While you are moving from Florida to Texas, you look for reliable options that can transport your car safely to the destination in Texas. What you need isan expert shipping company that can provide you with a safe and reliable way to ship your vehicle from Florida to Texas.

Reliable transport company for moving your vehicle to Texas

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Factors determining the cost of your vehicle transport

The cost of transporting your vehicle from Florida to Texas depends on several conditions:

  • The kind of vehicle: whether normal, vintage, or luxury car
  • Manner of shipping: whether an open or enclosed carrier
  • Distance to be covered: distance between Florida to Texas is more than 1400 miles
  • Vehicle customization

Estimated delivery time from Florida to Texas

The estimated delivery of your vehicle depends on where your vehicle is picked up in Floridaand where it needs to be shipped in Texas.

The estimated transit period from Florida to Texas is 3-5 days but keep another day in hand that will include traffic, bad weather, or truck breakdown. Standard carriers typically travel at an average of 500 miles per day.

The estimated shipping cost and time from a few locations in Florida to Texas are:

  • Tallahassee, FL to Austin, TX, and Tampa, FL to San Antonio, TX, distance is 870 miles, estimated cost – $1566 – $1914, estimated transit time – 4-6 days
  • Miami, FL to Dallas, TX – distance is 1346 miles, estimated cost – $2422 – $2961, estimated transit time – 5-7 days

Mode of transportation

There are two options while getting your vehicle shipped from Florida to Texas.

  • Open Carrier
  • Enclosed Carrier

Open carriers are the most cost-effective option but your car remains exposed to harsh weather conditions, dust, and debris. However, good shipping companies never compromise on safety.

Enclosed carriers are frequently suggested especially if you are transporting a classic, luxury, or vintage vehicle. This is no doubt, an expensive option, but is considered far safer than an open carrier.

Getting your vehicle shipped from Florida to Texas seems like an easy job once you select a reliable shipping company to take care of transportation.