Taking your cycling adventures to the next level with electric mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) are taking the cycling world by storm. These technologically advanced bikes are equipped with a rechargeable battery and electric motor that provides pedal assistance when riding on trails and rough terrain. E-MTBs open up new possibilities for adventure while still providing an invigorating cycling experience. It are ideal for mountain biking and off-road adventures. The electric assist makes challenging climbs and technical sections of the trail much more manageable. Riders stay out longer and go farther into the backcountry without becoming exhausted. 

  • Climbing up steep hills and inclines with less effort
  • Maintaining momentum and stability on difficult terrain 
  • Providing a confidence boost for tackling more technical features and trails
  • Allowing you to ride farther and access more remote areas of the wilderness
  • Giving fatigued legs a reprieve during long rides over extended distances

The power boost also helps mitigate challenging variables like high altitude, sandy or loose terrain, and heavy bike-packing loads. With an e-MTB, you’ll have the stamina and ability to push your limits safely.

Models and features to look for

  • Battery capacity and charge life
  • Strength of pedal assist and torque 
  • Integrated display and control interfaces
  • Suspension design and travel
  • Gearing specs and range
  • Weight and handling
  • Wheel size (27.5” or 29”)

Safety considerations

As with any bike, it’s vital to choose the right size e-MTB for your height and build. Visit your local bike shop for a proper fitting. Always wear a helmet and protective gear like gloves and glasses. Carry sufficient water, food, tools, and navigation. It’s also important to learn how to handle the increased speed and capabilities of an e-MTB responsibly on the trail. Take time to adapt to the power delivery and handling before tackling technical downhill sections at speed. Be aware of hikers and other cyclists. Ride at acceptable assist levels for different trail systems. E-MTB access varies, so check regulations and respect trail etiquette.

Exciting new riding experiences 

With an off road electric bike, you access thrilling terrain that would be extremely arduous on a traditional mountain bike. Lift-accessed downhill riding and bike parks become more enjoyable and sustainable over multiple runs. Explore more natural, rugged landscapes like the mountains, forests, deserts, or river valleys nearby. You now keep up with skilled riding buddies over epic backcountry trails. Tackle advanced mountain bike routes you’ve dreamed of but couldn’t reach your fitness level. Ride from your backyard to messaging trail systems and link-ups. A one-way trip out and shuttle back is made simpler. Stop worrying about getting too fatigued or the climbs being too steep. 

Touring and bikepacking potential  

With an e-MTB, backpacking, and backcountry touring become more comfortable and enjoyable endeavors. The added battery power allows you to cover more ground while carrying gear. You can explore deeper into the wilderness more confidently. Technical singletrack turns into a flowing ribbon of adventure versus brutal grunt-up switchbacks. Long distances over rolling terrain are no longer daunting. Traversing networks of connecting backcountry trails or completing epic point-to-point routes is suddenly quite achievable over a few days. Extend your radius from civilization into beautiful off-the-grid landscapes. Charge tech descents even with panniers mounted to your bike. Gather incredible memories of exploring places that you’d never reach on a traditional backpacking trip.