Is Electric Motorcycle Safe to Ride: Know the Pros and Cons

Electric motorcycles represent a significant step towards a sustainable environment, making them a compelling option for environmentally conscious enthusiasts concerned about carbon emissions. These vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries that produce no harmful fumes, distinguishing them from traditional motorcycles. 

Though electric motorcycles are good for the environment, are electric motorcycles safe for adults? Let’s explore here the safety aspects of riding electric motorcycles by examining their pros and cons.

Pros of Riding Electric Motorcycles

We’ve rounded some pros to help you decide whether electronic motorcycles are worth investing in.

  • Electronic Motorcycles are Silent

It’s a no-brainer to say that electric motorcycles run on electrically charged batteries. Unlike combustion engines of traditional motorcycles, these e-motorcycles do not make noise, no roar, anything! Riding an e-bike offers you a smooth experience as compared to traditional bikes.

  •  Additional Safety Features

Electronic motorcycles come with advanced tech-based features for enhanced safety. The e-bike system features non-visual sensors, cameras, and radar for speed, velocity, and direction traction. 

Additionally, riders get a 360-degree view of e-bikes. Therefore, riders will be aware of their surroundings and take quick action to avoid potential accidents.

  •  Minimum Maintenance

Electronic motorcycles are fuss-free. There will be no spark plugs, engine oil, clutch, timing belts, and gearbox- just a rechargeable battery and motor. Unlike conventional motorbikes, you do not need to change parts frequently. Most electronic motorcycles come with a regenerative braking system that lasts longer. You may also require brake pads and tire replacement, which is not frequent.

  •  Zero Fuel Combustion

Electronic motorcycles run on electronic batteries, so there is no fuel combustion. You can charge the e-motorbike battery overnight and run the entire day. However, charging infrastructure has improved, ensuring better options for charging your e-motorbike when traveling.

  •  Easy to Operate

These e-motorbikes are easy to operate- simply power on, twist the throttle, and here you go! Electronic motorcycles do not have gears, so the riders do not need to bother about shifting gears.

Cons of riding an electric motorcycle

Like pros, electronic motorcycles have some cons, too.

  •  Cost More

That being said, electronic motorcycles are more costly than traditional motorcycles. Though expensive, electronic motorcycles are still on top when it comes to long-run benefits. The e-bike requires minimal maintenance and saves fuel cost. Therefore, you save a lot of money.

  • Limited Range

Electronic motorcycles offer an average ride of around 100 miles and even less. This means long drives with electronic motorcycles have to be questioned.