An Ultimate Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance might offer you the clear-cut protection you need if you are the owner of a company that works in the motor trade sector. Owners of garages, car dealerships, or businesses that provide valet parking services will find that motor trade insurance gives them the necessary financial security.

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What is motor trade insurance?

Motor trade insurance, often known as road risk insurance, can cover anything from auto valets to insurance for automobile salespeople. In essence, it is an insurance plan for anybody who works with different kinds of vehicles; it doesn’t matter if they are in the auto repair or vehicle sales industry or are a mobile mechanic. Suppose driving is necessary for the insured to perform their job. In that case, they can use any vehicle they own, including customer vehicles, for personal or business travel under the terms of their road risk insurance policy.

Why do you need motor trade insurance?

Motor trade insurance is required if you buy and sell, maintain, repair, or transport cars as a business or as an independent contractor. You must have the right insurance whether you run a full-time garage or are a part-time trader. You should consider getting motor trade insurance if you operate from home as a part-time motor trader to guard against hazards to the cars you work on, such as theft and unintentional damage coverage.

If you run any of the following motor trade business, you should think about getting traders insurance quote :

  • Body shops
  • Auto electricals
  • Car dealerships
  • Breakdown and recovery services
  • Tire fitting

How does it work

Private auto insurance is not the same as traders’ insurance. One vehicle is usually covered with one named driver on your personal auto insurance policy. For individuals who own more than one vehicle, multi-car insurance is offered. If necessary, you can add extra drivers or even more vehicles. However, there will usually be an administrative fee for modifications made during a policy.

Motor trade insurance London is an insurance policy created especially for use in the motor trade. You will frequently drive various vehicles as part of your job as a motor trader. You may be buying, selling, maintaining, or just moving cars. You will need adequate insurance that can cover you in these situations because the cars you drive will change often.

Small businesses are a good fit for road risk cover. Normally, when you purchase a policy, you would add employers’ and public liability on top separately.

What types of motor trade insurance are available for motor traders?

A motor trade company may require various add-ons, contingent on the sector in which it operates, in addition to the fundamental levels of Motor Trade insurance [which includes Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive) and Combined insurance.

Majority of motor traders will either get a combined insurance policy, which covers every aspect of the business that needs to be protected, or they will take out a type of road risk insurance. Additional policy changes are contingent upon the operational and physical configuration of a motor trade company.